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Book Keeping

Book keeping is the activity of keeping track of and recording all financial transactions of your business or organisation, including sales, income, purchases, and payments, and managing cash flow and petty cash. Your company or organisation's Book keeper (which may be you), as part of the ongoing book keeping system also manages the invoicing and credit control.

Depending on the type of organisation or company, you may use single entry book keeping incorporating income and expense accounts, or double entry book keeping where transactions are recorded in two different ledgers of the accounting system.

You may also be using, have tried, or thought about using book keeping software packages or even online book keeping. As you will know, good, accurate book keeping can be not just important in knowing the state of play on a daily basis, and providing quick responses to customer or supplier enquiries, but can make the preparation of the financial accounts quicker, and easier for all concerned.

Our experience, knowledge, help, advice, and range of book keeping services can help you to make informed, accurate financial decisions, and give you the time and space to concentrate on the other aspects of your business and the environment in which it operates.

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